Well, it all started when…

It all started in 2013, i left Egypt my hometown to work in Qatar.

landing in Qatar.

landing in Qatar.

It was all new, the people I meet, the life style, traveling …Qatar is dull no doubt about it, but it did open new experiences that changes me.

It was an intriguing experience. living in a strange country, building new friendships with people from other cultures, rethinking my life style. Values I never questioned before where no longer rigid. Sometimes I had to follow my instincts, I did a lot of mistakes but I think all in all I did good too. And the best part is that I’ve met my girl.

I admit I’ve never imagined this, my mind is open to the world, especially when I initially travelled to different places and met interesting people. I am so excited to see what more life has to offer!

P.S.: thanks for the person who helped to make this come alive, and also for being a reason for the change, Dayana.

See you soon!



a peek inside the jungle – Chitwan Park, Nepal


Actually, I don’t know what I’m going to talk about, but judt felt that I need to. So, forgive my writings this time, not going to be- or acting to be professional anyway at least for this time.

It’s one of those days when you just wake up out of the mood, trying to get ride of those feelings at work, but nothing could! with a crashed laptop at morning, adding some cut of the electricity during the whole day.. with some personal problems (not going through them over here) sum the previous circumstances and you will get a not fine Thursday. Maybe it was a push to start blogging, maybe I won’t forget that day makes me start blogging (5/7/2012) I don’t know. 

However, this is just jumped into my head, do we need a push (whatever it’s) to start doing a new think or maybe a different activity like no other day? why don’t we just get to try whatever it shows up tp us! don’t we have enough curiosity to get into different issues? or we just get used to our daily routine? (another) I don’t know. Since I’m having a connection (a good connection I mean) I won’t stop exploring, searching, browsing, finding, connecting, networking.. and whatever it takes on the internet. I think I’m having a lot of curiosity deep inside, over all subjects, through details as well. And what I’m sure about is; this is something fine and helpful, indeed!

What I’m trying to define is “curiosity” it’s what brings us here, what brings you read this till now,, what makes us discovering new things every single day, at work, at home. out with friends / colleagues / family.. Something we can’t control, we can’t stop. Honestly, it’s what drove me through all I’ve been doing during my career, since I’ve taken my first breath as a kid, as I was always trying to discover even my little toys but ended with destroying not only discovering :P and since I started my career it’s what made it interesting to go through various of tasks and so it gains me a lot of experience, not only in work procedures. But, in how to communicate with other people, how to take it easy when getting in touch with many different personalities and how to adjust my self-control regarding various of situations. However, this is the most important side of everyone’s experience, on how many situation you faced, how many different personalities you dealt with, and how you did act over all. It’s not only how to get your work done and you call it experience.. It’s more deep than that. 

Moreover, I’ve been making and buidling connections with the most awesome people who I respect from my deep inside, I’ve learnt from people I’m connecting with all over my life. Honestly, this is the most advantage we need to grab from the internet, how to get in touch with the right people, how to make perfect connections, how to communicate is like how to navigate your own ship like a captain. You discover the way, getting ready and sail. This exactly summarize it all. 

Finally, I couldn’t find better than that word to end my first blog with (the last paragraph) so, will see yoImageu again. :) 



You can do anything in this world you want

You can do anything in this world you want to do, but you must want to do it badly enough.
You really can have everything you want, if you go after it.
Your desire for success must be so strong within you that it’s the very breath of your life.
You can be whatever you make up your mind to be.
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

What do you think?